Just in case you missed them, below are some of our past drive in features. To watch, just click on the image and the presentation should start in a new window.

However, if you do not like watching our wonderful drive-in recreations on your computer, for the small fee of $ 3.00 per feature, we will be more than happy to burn the WMV file of any feature to a DVD-R and mail it to you. (NOTE: we do not mail internationally - no orders are honored outside the continental USA.) You can order as many features as you like, just click the "Add To Cart" button to order safely through PayPal. Remember, they are WMV files - suitable for playback on your computer and some blue-ray players.

Springtime For Starman Part 1
"Atomic Rulers of the World" &
"Invaders from Space"

Springtime For Starman Part 2
"Attack From Space" &
"Evil Brain From Outer Space"

Swords, Sandals & Sweat
"The Giant Of Metropolis" &
"Thor and the Amazon Women"

Summer Slasher Fun
"Slashed Dreams" with Robert Englund
& "Naked Massacre"

Bungle in the Jungle
"Liane, Jungle Goddess" &
"Bowanga Bowanga" (aka "Wild Women")

"P.C." Double Feature
"Horror Express" &
"Land of the Minotaur"

"The Day The Sky Exploded" &
"Warning From Space"

Halloween Horrors: "I Eat Your Skin"
& "Horror of Spider Island"

Lugosi-Giving Triple Feature
"The Human Monster", "The Gorilla"
& "The Mysterious Mr. Wong"

Chaney Christmas
"The Indestructible Man"
& "The Devil's Messenger"

Chaos & Confusion
"The Doomsday Machine"
& "Body of Prey"

Icy Italian Double Feature
"The Atom Age Vampire" &
"Werewolf in a Girls' Dormitory"

A Naschy Surprise
"Fury of the Wolfman" &
"The Werewolf vs. The Vampire Woman"

Cosmic Commies Double Feature
"Battle Beyond The Sun" &
"First Spaceship On Venus"

Spirit of '76 Double Feature:
"The Invisible Strangler" &
"Track of the Moon Beast"

Summer of Steele Double Feature:
(Barbara Steele that is)
"The Horrible Dr. Hitchcock" &
"Terror Creatures From The Grave"

Copa Co-Corman Double Feature:
"Last Woman On Earth" &
"She Gods Of Shark Reef"

Down By The Sea-Side Double Feature:
"Dr. Blood's Coffin" &
Dennis Hopper in "Night Tide"

Hippy Halloween Double Feature:
“Messiah of Evil” &
“Crypt of the Living Dead”

Black Friday Triple Feature:
Mantan Moreland in "King of Zombies",
"Law of the Jungle" & "Revenge of the Zombies"

Holiday Horror with
"Silent Night, Bloody Night"
& "Blood Freak"

Another Spaghetti Sci-Fi Double Feature:
"Battle of the Worlds"
& "Assignment: Outer Space"

Creepy Crawlie Double Feature:
"The Brain Eaters" &
"Monster From The Green Hell"

Phantom Fun Marathon:
Bela Lugosi in
& "The Phantom Creeps"

Mad Science Spring
"The She Demons"
& "The Manster"

Summer Slither
"The Rattlers" &
"Devil Times Five"

Ed & Bela Double Feature
"Bride of the Monster"
& "Glen Or Glenda"

Eddie's Criminal Double Feature
"Jailbait" &
"The Violent Years"

Frankie Fun Double Feature
"Frankenstein's Castle of Freaks"
& "Frankenstein 80"

Loopy Looney Double Feature
"The Sadist"
& "Trauma"

Spaced-Out Double Feature
"The Wizard of Mars"
& "Mutiny In Outer Space"

For Christmas


South of the Boarder
"The Brainiac" &
"CALTIKI - The Immortal Monster"

Juicy Jungle Triple Feature
"Bride of the Gorilla",
"Forbidden Jungle" & "Blonde Savage"

Monkey Shine Triple Feature
"Nabonga", "White Pongo"
& "The White Gorilla"

Vamps In Bloom Double Feature
"The Playgirls And The Vampire"
& "The Vampire's Coffin"

Another Cheap Corman
Double Feature

"Attack Of The Crab Monsters"
& "Not Of This Earth"

Wet Head Double Feature
"Monstroid: It Came From The Lake"
& "Death Ship"

Diabolically Dead Double Feature
"Castle of the Living Dead"
"Cave of the Living Dead

Summer Shock Double Feature
"Beach Girls And The Monster"
& "Horror at the Beach Party"

Zucco Triple Treat
"The Mad Monster", "Dead
Men Walk" & "The Black Raven"

Demons & The Dead
""Death Bed" &
"House of the Dead"

Crazed Karloff Triple Feature
"The Man Who Changed His Mind"
& "The Ape" & "Juggernaut"

The Halls Double Feature
"Eegah" &
"The Nasty Rabbit"

Dinner Time Double Feature
"Blood Feast" &
"The Undertaker And His Pals"
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