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Below are a few more of our older presentations for your enjoyment.

Remember, should you like to order any of these tiltles, please go back to "Counter 1" for more details. Each title will be $3.00 (US) in "wmv" format delivered on DVD. (NOTE: we do not mail internationally - no orders are honored outside the continental USA.)

"Wild Women" Double Feature - "Prehistoric Women" along with "Mesa of Lost Women" (starring Uncle Fester himself - Jackie Coogan). This show includes a classic Daffy Duck cartoon and all the drive-in stuff you can handle.

Our second week's feature was "Invasion of the Bee Girls" - a story of women who suck the nectar of life from their male victims - what a way to go! (Parental Discretion Advised) With the usual movie previews and cartoon.

A "Frankenstein" Double Feature with the Italian trash classic "Lady Frankenstein" (Parental Discretion Advised) and the mind numbing "Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter". Feature includes the usual movie previews and drive-in advertisements.

Our black & white "Dead" Double Feature with two classics: "Night of the Living Dead" and "Canival of Souls". As usual, a cartoon and drive-in fun are included.

Great psycho fun with "Driller Killer" (Parental Discretion Advised), a cartoon and the usual intermission advertisments.

"Spookathon" double feature "Don't Look In The Basement" and "Deadtime Stories", preceeded by a cartoon, trailers and ads. (Update: NEW LINK!)

"Terror Triple Feature" ~ Three movies for the price of none! "The Giant Gila Monster", "The Killer Shrews" and "Attack of The Giant Leeches", including coming attractions and advertisements.

Our "Vampire Special" featuring "Grave of the Vampire" and a lot of Hammer Films coming attractions.

A "Horror Head" Double Feature ~ After a classic Thanksgiving cartoon, we proudly present the 1959 gore classic "The Brain That Wouldn't Die", followed by "The Head", more or less the German version of our first film,
but there is a chubby guy hiding under the table.

Holiday fun with "Santa Claus Conquers The Martians" preceeded by the original "Rudolf The Red Nosed Reindeer" cartoon and "A Visit To Santa".

"Bela Triple Threat" featuring "Devil Bat", "The Corpse Vanishes" and
"The Invisible Ghost".
New Link

Yes folks - It's a "Drive In Massacre" (but not here!) and a nifty sci-fi throwback, "Panic" along with the usual stuff.

Psycho fun with "Dementia 13" & "The House on Haunted Hill" as well as all the drive in advertising!.

Roger Corman Double Fun with "The LIttle Shop of Horrors" & "Bucket of Blood".

It's Another Bela Triple Threat with "Scared To Death", "The Apeman" & "Return of the Apeman".

It's a "Karloff Kristmas" featuring the "Snake People" & "The Terror" as well as all that other stuff!

"Maniac Mayhem" featuring "Manos ~ The Hands of Fate"
& "The Bloody Pit of Terror"!

A "Paul Nacshy" Double Feature:
"Dracula's Great Love" & "Assignment Terror"

A "De Ja Vu" Double Feature:
"Voyage To The Prehistoric Planet" &
"Voyage To The Planet Of Prehistoric Women"

A "Bigfoot" Double Feature:
"Legend of Boggy Creek" & "Curse of Bigfoot"

"Brothers Corman" Double Feature:
"Night of the Blood Beast" &
"Beast from Haunted Cave"

A "Werewolf/Father's Day" Double Feature:
"Werewolf of Washington" &
"The Rats Are Coming, The Werewolves Are Here"

"Low Budget Drive In Specials":
"The Dungeon of Harrow" &
"The Ghosts of Hanley House"

A "Nuclear Triple Threat" Double Feature:
"Beast of Yucca Flats",
"The Atomic Brain" & "The Transparent Man"

The "Deadly Double":
"The Night Evelyn Came Out Of The Grave" &
Paul Nacshy returns in "Vengeance of the Zombies"

"Turtle Soup" Double Feature:
"Gammera - The Invincible",
& "War Of The Monsters"

"Creepy Chaney" All Hallows Eve
Lon Chaney Jr. in "Spider-Baby"
& "Blood of the Man Devil"

"Lugosi's Last Laughs" - Bela in
"Bela Lugosi Meets A Brooklyn Gorilla",
"Vampire Over London" &
"Plan 9 From Outer Space"

"Tormented Mystery" -
"Tormented" &
Vincent Price in "The Bat"

"Christmas Craziness" Double Feature" -
"Santa Clause (Vs. The Devil)" &
"Santa and The Three Bears"

""Kooky Curse" Double Feature -
"Cathy's Curse"
& "Curse of Demon Mountain"

"Sensational Steele" Double Feature -
Barbara Steel in "Nightmare Castle" &
"The Ghost"

"Silly Sci-Fi" Double Feature -
"Cat-Women of the Moon" &
"Robot Monster"

"Spring Time For Witches & Psychos" -
"Blood Orgy Of The She-Devils" &
"Scream Bloody Murder"

A "Wilder" Double Feature -
"Phantom From Space" &
"Killers From Space"

"Mother's Day Massive Monsters" Double Feature -
"Yongary - Monster From The Deep" &
"Monster From A Prehistoric Planet"

"Summer Spaghetti" Double Feature -
Barbara Steel in "The She Beast" &
Mario Bava's "Kill Baby Kill"

"Sexy Summer Sin" Double Feature -
Dario Argento's "Deep Red" &
"Sisters of Death"

"Cheap Corman Thrills" Double Feature -
"Creature From The Haunted Sea"
& "The Wasp Woman"

"Teen Terrors" Double Feature -
"Teenagers From Outer Space"
& "Teenage Zombies"

"Boo's For Bela" Triple Feature -
"Black Dragons"
"Voodoo Man" & "The Bowery At Midnight"

"Sci-Fi Turkey" Double Feature -
"The Galaxy Invader"
"Prisoners of the Lost Universe"

"Abbott & Costello" Double Feature -
"African Screams" &
"Jack And The Beanstalk"

"Mad Scientist Mayhem" -
"Frankenstein's Daughter" &
"Terror Is A Man"
Once again, if you want to order any of these older titles, please refer to "Counter 1" of this Snack Bar for more details.
Below are a few links that are guaranteed to taste great and satisfy your thrist for fun.
"The Internet Archive": a great source for Public Domain movies, music, animation, books, radio shows and vintage television - all free to download or watch.
"Public Domain Torrents": another great source for Public Domain movies, free to download, but you will need a torrent client.
"uTorrent": an easy to use torrent download client - free to download and easy to use.
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