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Hello and welcome back to everyone's favorite big screen haunt for vintage thrills and chills.

This week we are more than happy to bring you a triple treat of classic PRC mystery and horror as presented by producer Sigmund Neufeld, director Sam Newfield, and the under appreciated actor George Zucco. Though, arguably, not as well remember as Bela Lugosi, Zucco starred in a fairly large number of poverty row B-movies, always providing a sophisticated air of evil and/or understated class to the material he starred in. Whether he was starring in a Universal mummy flick or one of these low budget wonders, Zucco's style and finesse never wavered.

Our night of triple fun begins with 1942's "The Mad Monster", a rather straightforward tale about a mad scientist (Zucco) turning a slow farmhand (Glenn Strange) into a dog-faced monster. Next up, we continue with 1943's "Dead Men Walk" featuring George in a duel role as a blood thirsty vampire as well as his well meaning brother. Finally, we end our Zucco-fest with 1943's "The Black Raven", a rather light-hearted old dark house mystery with Zucco as a gangster and Glenn Strange as another dimwit.

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