Drink Up With
"The Thirsty Dead"

Who Is Pulling Who's String
In 1964's "Devil Doll"

The Korean Kong
Known As "A*P*E"
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"Thanks for sharing... We fans appreciate all of your efforts in sharing this entertainment with us so Good Work!

Paul W. on Facebook: "I love watching schocker internet drive in theater double features."

"A Big Thank You to Shocker Drive In! Many thanks for providing these two films, particularly the extraordinary 'Death Bed'. You continue to offer a unique and valuable service."

"I want to thank you for providing me with the chance to see many movies I might have otherwise missed." Victoria S.

"Sadist, or "Attack of the Uni-brow?" and then "Trauma", it's a little creepy but not as unsettling as the look on the killers face. Mickie and Mallory got what they deserved this time but the 2nd feature is the better mystery. Well done. Have a good holiday season." William from FaceBook

"Two pretty affective and well paired witch themed horror films. Okay so they're not great but they are Drive-In worthy and I think that's what counts...."

"These serials combined ("Moon Men" Marathon) are a little over three hours long. Each one features Cody , the Rocket-man, a fist fight, a gun fight, and like all serials, the shows leave you thinking the good guy is toast. Pretty good special effects are displayed. The video starts with coming attractions and snack bar commercials etc. What is unusual about the whole affair is the MGM cartoon. It Stereotypes Blacks, Asians, cowboys, ballet dancers, Hispanics, Hawaiians, midgets and the list goes on. Talk about un-PC." (That's how we like it "un-PC" especially if it's funny! - The Management)

"Thanks for another great outing at the drive-in. I enjoyed it very much. I watch every show,and check often to see the next offering. Keep up the awesome entertainment." - JS

"Great show last night. I'd seen them both before and enjoyed them again with your clips and the Popeye cartoon."

"Thanks for sharing this. It is great to see that someome had the hindsight and forethought to preserve the ads seen at a drive in. Sloppy Joe at the theater? If it was back in the day that would be a great name for a host to present the film. "Feast your eyes on this weeks Sloppy Joe presentation, presented by the one the only Sloppy Joe". Then you would not be limited to horror films, as "Sloppy Joe" could present any low budget film that happens to be lying around at the moment."

"Hi! I really love your drive-in films. I've downloaded them all from the internet archive website. It really takes me back to when I was a kid in the sixties and seventies......
Thanks for the great work. I hope to see more from you soon." - catflap

"The acting was atrocious! The dialogs was probably written by grade school kids! The plots were stupid! The "monsters" were laughable! In short a Classic Auto Theatre Triple Feature! Will be looking for your next program. Thanks!" - Spy Smasher

"Subject: Schlocky Fun This is wonderful. I am planning to make a pizza, grab a soft drink and some Goobers, and find time this weekend to relax and enjoy the show!"

"I just found three of your features posted on the Internet Archive. What a great idea! I'm old enough to remember drive-ins first-hand; these are gonna be fun to watch. Thanks for your efforts!" - Fred

"Subject: Recycling
The movies are already on the archive.
The cartoons are already on the archive.
The trailers are already on the archive.
The advertisments are already on the archive.
The creativity to put them all together in a package like this is much rarer than the items themselves. Well done!"

"Subject: Great Shlocky Fun....
Another great Shocker Drive-In addition. You can almost smell the black-top
and hear the crickets in each one!
Keep 'em comin'!!
Would love to see the monster beach movies double bill soon! (hint! hint!)"

"Having seen driller killer a few times this version makes it more enjoyable.i think it would've worked better as a double bill with drive in massacre,but as a stand alone film it fares pretty good.i really love the drive in recreations and i'm making another suggestion,how about;the killer shrews and the giant gila monster?"

"Subject: Another gem of a download..... In the words of the immortal Bela....."Exxxxcellent Mr Renfield! Exxxxcellent!!"

Do you have any comments or movie suggestions? Please contact us at shockerdrivein@hotmail.com or through our Facebook page. We love to hear from our visitors.

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