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Alright - so we know it is too cold for a drive-in feature - at least here in the north east USA, but since when did something like the weather ever stop us! Besides, we thought we would try and warm things up a little with some more "Wild Women".

Of course, after the usual coming attractions and a Bugs Bunny cartoon, we proudly bring you that 1958 classic from the sunny land of prehistoric Florida - "The Wild Women of Wongo". Then, after a our brief intermission, we close out the evening with "Island of Lost Women", featuring a cast of few and Alan Napier - Alfred the Butler from the 1960's Batman TV show.

Now, if this doesn't cause you to turn up the heat and visit the snack bar for a bit of hot-toddy, we figure you are dead and we look forward to seeing you in one of our future presentations!

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