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movie title Starman and Friend

Hello and welcome back to everyone's favorite hangman....errr hangout!

Well, it is good to see that we all have survived the dead of Winter, only to ring in the springing of another Spring. And, is there no better way to welcome the birth of this season than to fly in on the cape / wings of everyone's favorite Japanese superhero - Starman!

We are proud to begin a special two part (two week) presentation of all four Starman classics. This week, we bring you the first two features - "Atomic Rulers of the World" followed by "Invaders from Space". Of course we have padded things out a bit with some coming attractions, an appropriate "Superman" cartoon, as well as all the usual snackbar ads.

So, kiddies climb out of the trunk and jump on the hood to enjoy the crisp Spring air and the indescribable adventures of Starman (aka Super Giant).

Please click on the marqee above to get on with this week's show or feel free to visit the Snack Bar for some good eats and fun stuff including a peek at some of our past "Shocker Internet Drive-In" features.

And before you leave, take your time going through the Exit to check out what is coming up and read some comments from other visitors.

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