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Hello and welcome back to your favorite drive in on the internet!

Well, the heat is on here in the good ol' U.S. of A. and what better way to increase the heat than to throw down a little "Steele" - Barbara Steele that is.

First up, after a couple coming attractions, we try to drive you crazy with "Driving Us Crazy", a strange bit about safe driving with a dose of religion thrown in. Then, in our first feature, our Italian hottie stars in "The Horrible Dr. Hitcock", a risqué tale about a necrophiliac who likes to drug his wife for some kinky fun until he accidently kills her at which point the real fun begins. Finally, after a brief intermission, we end the evening with 1965's "Terror Creatures From The Grave" where Ms. Steele and friends have to deal with a Castle full of ghosts.

So, we hope you enjoy our double dose of Steele. Just remember to replace the speaker on the post when you leave.

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