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Hello and welcome back to your favorite drive-in for demented film makers and low budget bombshells. This week is no exception as we proudly present two films by that 1970's icon of grade-Z horror, Al Adamson, along with his wife, big haired Regina Carrol.

First up, after a few coming attractions and a Bugs cartoon, we start things out with "Brain of Blood", a one-take wonder about brain transplants along with a dwarf and Regina. Then, following a brief intermission, we finish things up with "Blood of Ghastly Horror", a patched together tale featuring John Carradine implanting things into a veteran's brain with Regina as his daughter having flashbacks.

Not unlike his ultimate "classic", "Dracula vs. Frankenstein", these two wonders feature Mr. Adamson's incredible ability to spit out exploitation drive-in horrors that make little sense, but are fun to watch and, at the very least, kept his wife off the streets.

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