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Ahhh.... it's that time of year - the air is getting colder, the leaves are falling from the trees, and things are dying. In others words, it's our favorite time of year here at the ol' drive in. And what better way to celebrate than with the actor who just keeps giving and giving. Yes, dear patrons, we are happy to bring you another Thanksgiving of Bela Lugosi!

First up, we wet your appetite with some Bela coming attractions followed by 1939's "The Human Monster" (aka "Dark Eyes of London") with Bela in a duel role killing vagrants for insurance money. Then, after an all too brief intermission, we lighten things up a bit with 1939's "The Gorilla" featuring Bela as a butler along with The Ritz Brothers. Finally, after yet another little intermission, we finish the evening with Bela as a bargain basement Fu Manchu in "The Mysterious Mr. Wong".

All in all, we think you can't help but enjoy the feast we have prepared for your viewing pleasure. We have even added some Turkey and Grave...er Gravy to our Snack Bar menu.

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