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Hello and welcome back to a very deserted drive in.. even the demons and devils are staying home as we all shut our doors to stop the real horror infecting the world. To help ease the pain and boredom, we thought we could spice up your computers and phones with three little bits of vintage kink and nudity.

First up, after a few coming attractions, we bring you 1965's "Chained Girls", a "serious" look at the evils of lesbianism. Then, following a brief intermission, we present 1966's "Take Me Naked", about a bum stalking a couple of women who like running around naked. Finally, we finish our triple treat with "Orgy Of The Dead". Written by the legend Ed Wood, this 1965 cutie features a couple trapped in a cemetery watch a bunch of "ghosts" dancing around topless.

So grab your favorite snack, put the kids to bed, snuggle up with your better half and enjoy a triple treat of kinky corn in the safety of your own house. Oh, and don't forget, there are plenty of past features available in the "Snack Bar" section of our website to help you fight the Covid-19 confinement.

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