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Ho-Ho-Ho's and Ba-Ba-Bela's can only equal one thing: It's Bela Claus!

Yes Kiddies, everyone's favorite haunted drive-in is happy to present our Xmas Spectacular with three of the King's goofier films - two also starring the East Side Kids (or Bowery Boys or whatever you want to call them) as well as one featuring Mr. Jack Haley (the "Tin Man").

First up, after some Christmas messages and a Max Fleischer holiday cartoon, we get right to it with "Spooks Run Wild" followed by another East Side Kids' feature "Ghosts On The Loose". Then, after a few more good wishes, we close out our night with "One Body Too Many" - not one of Bela's greatest, but none of these film are!

So wrap up tight in your blankets or bandages, after a quick visit to our snack bar for something warm to drink, and prepare yourself another one of our Bela Lugosi Triple Threats!

Please click on the marqee above to get on with this week's show or feel free to visit the Snack Bar for some good eats and fun stuff including a peek at some of our past "Shocker Internet Drive-In" features.

And before you leave, take your time going through the Exit to check out what is coming up and read some comments from other visitors.

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