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Well hello and welcome back to your favorite Shocker Internet Drive In!

Good to see that you survived the holidays. You maybe a bit dazed and confused, but we are glad you came to relax and chill out. And, what better way than to chase away those Winter blues than with a bit of chaotic film making.

First up, after some coming attractions and a "Melvin The Monster" cartoon, we happily present "The Doomsday Machine" - a nifty piece of confusion started in 1967, but completed in 1972 with different actors playing the same characters. Good luck figuring this one out!

Second, after a brief 10 minute intermission, we close the night out with "Body of Prey" - another wonder with a chaotic history. Made in 1965, the movie was not released until 1970 as "The Revenge of Dr. X". Additionally, though it was partially filmed in Japan, it was not made by the Toei Company and, even though his name is not listed in the credits, Ed Wood Jr. actually claimed to have provided the screenplay under the title "Venus Flytrap".

There is even more mystery surrounding both films if you want to search though the internet, but we think, once you see these two confusing celluloid wonders, you might not really care to learn anything else about these movies and just go to the snack bar.

Please click on the marqee above to get on with this week's show or feel free to visit the Snack Bar for some good eats and fun stuff including a peek at some of our past "Shocker Internet Drive-In" features.

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