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Greetings comrades and welcome back to the internet's only place Springtime socialistic fun in space!

With May Day looming large and a chill still in the air, we thought we could still pay tribute to the good ol' Cold War days with some Soviet space race movie fun. After some random cosmic coming attractions as well as a moon based cartoon, we begin our trip with a "Battle Beyond The Sun" - a 1959 Russian film which a young Francis Ford Coppola reedited and added two rather "genital" looking monsters to in 1962.

Then, following the usual intermission, we close out our Communist Cosmic challenge with 1960's "First Spaceship On Venus" - a sleep inducing space opera which asks the question, "Who needs suspended animation when films like this exist?"

So let's count down to a blissful evening of floating around in a Russian view interplanetary exploration, after a quick visit to the snack bar.

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