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Well hello and welcome back. Yes I was doing some research for this week's feature while on vacation. That's not to say I went on a maniac strike, but some "bits and pieces" may have been involved.

Hey we have to keep the Shocker Internet Drive In's reputation alive - don't we?

Well I will say that our first film does leave a bit to be desired in the blood department. "Slashed Dreams" is more a suspense tale than an out and out slasher flick. Even though it does have Robert Englund, don't expect any Freddy action.

Then of course, after some 1970's intermissions, we bring you the real treat "Naked Massacre" with a crazed killer holding a bunch of nurses hostage while making them do some nasty stuff to each other (Parental Guidance Suggested).

So welcome back from vacation and enjoy the some of the gory fun we have planned for you. And always don't for get to visit the snack bar.

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