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With a chill in the air and the monsters running the snack bar, we welcome you back to your favorite haunted drive in.

By popular demand, and given the limited public domain resources available to us, we are pleased to present two mid-60's "epics" by everyone's favorite 1950's has-been, John Agar!

First up, after the usual coming attractions, advertising, and a 1965 Daffy Duck cartoon, we bring you Mr. Agar as a hick sheriff chasing down a space monster in 1967's "Night Fright". Following this classic piece of cinema crap, and after a small intermission, we present Johnny in Larry Buchanan's 1967 remake of the 50's classic "Voodoo Woman" - now called "Curse of the Swamp Creature".

Needless to say, Agar is awesome and comes to the rescue in both films!

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