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Well the heat of Summer is at it's peak and it's time for our lady "Tarzans" to let loose with some clothing and heat up the dead of night! We here at the Shocker Internet Drive In are proud to present two of the more outrageous Peekaboo babes to swing through the jungle.

After the usual coming attractions as well as a rather "stereotyped" Superman cartoon from the 1940's, we bring you "Liane, Jungle Goddess" - a 1956 West German classic featuring Marion Michael in all her topless glory.

Following a brief intermission, including the dreadful "3-minute" clock, we present "Bowanga Bowanga" (aka "Wild Women") a typical male fantasy about a tribe of white amazons fighting over a few male explorers.

So, this double feature may not include our usual horror or science fiction fare, but we are sure you will get a rise and thrill out of the adventure that awaits you. Of course, don't forget to visit our Snack Bar to recharge your batteries as needed!

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