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Brrrrrrrrrr - another cold dead night at the ol' Shocker Internet Drive In and we do not know "witch" way to turn!

Yes, we know it is colder than hell out there and everyone is enjoying the dead of January, but we are here to keep your blood warm and the spirits high with our special double feature which is "witch", we do not know!

First up, after the usual Coming Attractions, we bring you a Bugs cartoon, with "witch" comes a few laughs, followed by Christopher Lee and "The City of The Dead" (or "Horror Hotel" - which ever scares you the most). Then, after a brief intermission and a voodoo short, we conclude the night with Larry Buchanan's "The Naked Witch" (parental guidance suggested).

Yes folks, pick up the girls or guys (or ghouls) and get ready for some serious chilling cuddling because you are going to need help to figure out "which witch is witch" at the Shocker Internet Drive In! (Just keep an eye out for the "boobage"!)

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