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Hello and welcome back for another great night of science fiction fun and chills featuring not two... not three.. but four classic "epics" brought to us by that master of penny pinching direction, Roger Corman.

After starting the evening with the usual coming attractions, we begin our quadruple film fest with 1955's "Day The World Ended", Corman's first real sci-fi "classic" about a group of people surviving a nuclear holocaust. Then, we present Roger's penultimate celluloid wonder, "It Conquered The World" also known as the killer cucumber from Venus. Our third treat, following a brief intermission, is 1957's "The Undead" about a psychic researcher regressing a woman to a previous life as a witch. Finally, we close our quadruple film fest with 1958's Corman's quickie, "War of the Satellites" as aliens try and stop Earth from exploring space.

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