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Good evening and welcome back to another sizzling night of Italian muscle man bodacious woman as we proudly present two of the more "adventurous" entries of that infamous 60's craze.

First up, after a few coming attractions direct from the homeland as well as a relatively normal Bugs Bunny cartoon, we bring you "The Giant Of Metropolis" - the typical story of a hero traveling to the "evil" city of Atlantis with some surprising doses of science fiction thrown in for some spaghetti sauce. Then, after a brief intermission, we close the night with the 1963 forgotten classic "Thor and the Amazon Women" wherein our hero is called upon to rescue a group of men being enslaved by the ladies in question. Of course, you may ask the same question we did, "Uhh - and what is so bad about that?" But we will leave that for a later debate.

So pull on up to your favorite parking spot, get your goodies from the snack bar, spread your beach towels out and get ready for some great sword, sandal and sweaty fun the only way the Shocker Internet Drive In came bring you!

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