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Hello and welcome back to everyone's favorite film grave yard and, since we took a little vacation, we thought it was better late than never to get back to the daily grind of boring... errr... entertaining you. So, what better way to get our blood flowing again than to present two flicks made years before their release.. at least in the good ol' USA.

First up, after a few coming attractions and a nifty Bugs Bunny short, we bring you "Tomb Of Torture". This Italian ghost story was actually produced in 1963, but did not see an English release until 1966. Then, after the usual intermission fun, we finish the evening with the monster mash, "Blood Thirst". This Filipino wonder was actually filmed in 1965, but did not see release until 1971!

As is the case with films like these, there is usually a good reason why it took so long for them to make it into the U.S. market - they are not very good and some money hungry promoter needed something cheap to fill out a double bill. But, it is better late than never, just think we could have been denied the cinematic camp of some guy running around in a paper mache mask!

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