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Hello and welcome back to everyone's favorite cinematic dungeon for demons, mad doctors, and dead guys. Tonight, we are more than happy to bring you two more Euro creepy classics in the tradition of "The Playgirls And The Vampire".

We begin the fun with the usual coming attractions and another Bugs Bunny cartoon before Christopher Lee and a young Donald Sutherland let us into "The Castle Of The Living Dead". This slightly confused Italian/French production concerns a nice group of circus performers visiting with a mad Count who likes to experiment on animals. Then, after a brief intermission, we finish up with "Cave Of The Living Dead", a German feature about a super-cop taking on a vampire.

All in all, we guarantee a diabolically dubbed time for all. So pack up the wife and corpses for some classic drive-in thrills and cheesy chills; and, as always, don't forget to visit the snack bar.

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