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Hello again and welcome to the Shocker Internet Drive In's 50th presentation!

Who would have thought that we would make it this long, much less maintain interest, but if it wasn't for you, our loyal patrons, our monthly little tributes to the long lost drive in would be nothing.

So, with our helmets on and jetpacks firing, we say a warm and hearty "Thank You" to all our visitors. And, as a special surprise, we thought we would bring you something a little different. Of course we are still a drive-in and we still have the usual coming attractions, snack bar ads, and cartoon, but instead of showing a movie, we proudly bring you all 12 chapters of that great 1952 serial "Radar Men From The Moon" featuring everyone's favorite rocket-man, Commando Cody!

So, welcome back and thanks again for all your support.

Please click on the marqee above to get on with this week's show or feel free to visit the Snack Bar for some good eats and fun stuff including a peek at some of our past "Shocker Internet Drive-In" features.

And before you leave, take your time going through the Exit to check out what is coming up and read some comments from other visitors.

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