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Hello and welcome back to everyone's favorite cinematic castle for quarantine craziness. With the world slowly opening back up, yet seemingly changed forever, we thought it was time for a little Corona commentary courtesy of a few aliens, a giant squirrel, and the Dictator Phantom of Krankor himself.

First up, we bring you "Invasion of the Neptune Men", starring Sonny Chiba as Space Chief fighting off a horde of alien invaders. Next up, is the Americanized version of "Varan The Unbelievable", a giant monster "classic" about a Navy experiment gone bad. Finally, we finish up with the invaders from Krankor as they meet "The Prince of Space".

All in all, we think if you look hard enough, you just might find some very silly and unintentional satire and commentary on today's Covid-19 condition. So, grab your mask and hand sanitizer and enjoy some creature feature fun, guaranteed to take your mind of your troubles for a few hours... maybe!

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